DISTRICT31, previously known as ‘Select Nano UAE’ and established in 2008, is one of Dubai’s finest automotive detailing and paint protection companies – a bold claim but one that’s entirely justified.

Our business is based on the relentless pursuit of perfection, and the results achieved by our national, and international, award winning Master Detailers defy description.

The Middle East is home to some of the world’s finest collectable cars. Yet the climactic conditions the region is exposed to take their toll – ultraviolet rays, airborne sand and dust, stone chips, high temperatures and poor washing techniques all conspire to make our precious vehicles look far from their best.

At DISTRICT31 our mission is to restore your car or motorcycle’s condition to pristine standards, inside and out. We have the distinct advantage of conducting our in-house R&D, thus allowing us to choose the finest quality products most suitable for your vehicle.  

For us, detailing is an art form, an obsession that occupies our every waking moment and it shows.